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Are you looking for relief from symptoms of MTHFR? Our monthly MTHFR package contain our three most successful supplements for reducing symptoms associated with MTHFR and improving methylation. Our package contains Pure Methylation, Pure CoQ100, and Pure D3. 
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"The MTHFR Fundamentals Kit is everything it promises and more! Since starting these supplements I’ve had more energy and my immune system is in optimal health." – Janet
"Myself and my family agree that the MTHFR Fundamentals Kit is one of the best things we have ever done for ourselves. I finally feel as if I have my MTHFR symptoms under control." – Dana
"I swear by the MTHFR Fundamentals Kit! It’s vastly improved my immune system and reduced my MTHFR symptoms! I tell everyone about the MTHFR Fundamentals Kit and how it keeps me feeling great!" - Hannah
It can be hard to find the right combination of supplements when living with an MTHFR mutation. If you want fast relief without having to spend weeks testing out different supplement combos, our monthly MTHFR packages are for you! Through the combination of our three most helpful MTHFR supplements: Pure Methylation, CoQ100, and Vitamin D3, we’ve found the ideal combo for improving symptoms associated with MTHFR, reducing homocysteine levels, improving detoxification, and improving methylation.
The recommended dose is 2 caps a day of Pure Methylation, 1 cap of Pure coQ100 and 3 drops of Pure D3
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This monthly package contains three of the most essential supplements for treating MTHFR mutations. Pure Methylation contains the ratio of B vitamins preferred by the body to increase methylation. CoQMaxME supports the mitochondria in producing energy and gives the body an energy boost. Vitamin D3 aids in reducing inflammation while strengthening bones, muscles, and dental health. The combination of these three supplements results in relief from MTHFR symptoms and improved methylation.
Common signs your body needs Methylation
  • Foggy brain 
  •  Poor focus and concentration 
  •  Irregular/Painful periods    
  •  Low energy 
  • Inflammation
  •  Chronic fatigue  
  •  Weight Gain 
  •  Bloating 
  • Skin problems  
  •  Anxiety   
  •  Nausea   
  •  Headaches
MTHFR gene mutations create blockages that don’t allow all the body’s toxins to become detoxified due to being slowed by unmetabolized folic acid. Since our bodies have a hard time converting folic acid to methyl-folate, the unmetabolized folic acid sits in our bodies and so do the toxins. Without the proper detoxification, our bodies tend to react to toxins in a negative way.
The MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) gene produces an enzyme that helps in processing folate and regulating homocysteine levels in the body. Folate is a critical nutrient involved in methylation, DNA synthesis and amino acid metabolism. Impaired folate metabolism due to MTHFR enzyme inactivity, or a low folate level, results in elevated plasma homocysteine.
Homocysteine is an amino acid synthesized by the body through demethylation of methionine. In the presence of adequate B vitamins, homocysteine is either irreversibly degraded to cysteine or it is remethylated back to methionine, an essential amino acid. An elevated homocysteine level is known to be an independent risk factor for ischemic stroke, thrombotic and cardiovascular diseases. Folate,vitamin B6 or vitamin B12 are all necessary for the proper conversion of homocysteine into methionine. A deficiency in any of these vitamins can cause homocysteine levels to rise.
Two single nucleotide variants known to affect MTHFR function are C677T (a change from cytosine to thymine at position 677 within the gene) and the A1298C mutation (a change from adenine to cytosine at position 1298 within the gene).It is not uncommon for some individuals to have both MTHFR variants. Clinical relevance for hyperhomocysteniemia is associated with homozygosity for C677T. In general, these genotypes produce MTHFR enzyme with reduced function and activity.
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